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It's a secret that we're looking at his car for 10 years

Most financial experts agree that keeping your vehicle up to 10 years is a good economic decision. The economy of the car is far too convincing for a long time. So why is it so rare to find someone who keeps the same car for a long time? After all, today most cars will work after a few hundred thousand miles. So, why do people buy a new car if there is nothing wrong with that vehicle? Peer pressure? Does it seem obsolete? This may be true, especially if the new release is undergoing significant changes. Perhaps because people are worried about the mechanical problem.

We've found that if you can demand a new strategy, it will be much more difficult to buy a new car. What can we do to slow down the aging process? How to use a machine regularly and not age. There is no single activity but several things that contribute to a common goal. Below is a list of how to keep your new car appearing.

first By far, one of the simplest ways to preserve the vehicle for its novel appearance is to have our NATURE in the Garage. Most people think that the damage is due to bare southern heat and dust that dries the dirt on paint and plastic, but the most devastating time is the night when cold moisture condenses on the surface of the car. This is the source of the problem. We live in a Los Angeles swimming pool that runs all day long. Exhaust gas, pollution and road dirt appear in the hot days in the atmosphere and stay there until the cold sea air moves and absorbs the dirt in the moisture condensing in the car. The morning dew that sits on the horizontal surface of the vehicle is a sulfur / acidic toxic cocktail from all the garbage in the air. Slightly falls into the paint, around the doors, with the headlights, and destroys the rubber parts. You can not create a test lab again! Moisture is not terribly bad, but if this process is done every 5-8 years each night, the scenery will be out in the open.

2nd Keep the car under the overhang during the night. The next best thing in the garage is to keep the vehicle from dew at night. Re-read the paragraph above. The next best long-term defense is overhang. (Car covers can be useful if the car travels for 2 weeks or a week at the airport. As a daily defense this is a good idea but over time is a hassle and too dirty.)

3. Regular waxing. Regular waxing takes place every 3-4 months or 5000 miles. So when your vehicle is 20,000 miles away, you have 4 coats. Waxing provides micro-thin layer protection to the car from the elements. As the vehicle becomes older, attention to outsiders will increase. Occasionally the paint must be polished to restore the surface cleanliness. Polishing the paint increases the lifetime of the wax every 1 and half years or 15,000 miles and keeps the paint in the highest state.

4th Regular washing on the outside surface will keep the dust and the contaminants free. Longer dirt and dust on the paint, the more likely it is to stick to the surface.

5th 3M paint protection film is the best way to keep the paint chip free. This film is applied to the bumper and the hood to protect the original paint from damage. This film can be removed and no long-term effect on the paint. It may be that this movie can be removed after 10 years of installation and paint will be the same as the day the assembly line disappeared. It is indeed the best long term solution for everyday driving

6. Window Light. Protect your interior from death and dehydration with a lifetime warranty film. During the day, the inside of the vehicles is vulnerable to the damaging effects of sunlight UV rays. Window light blocks 100% of ultraviolet rays. It also reduces internal heat and reduces reflection. With regular interior details and window painting, the interior will look like the installation day. Furthermore, window painting enhances the comfort of passengers and drivers

. Half-year cleaning of the engine ensures adequate visibility of fluid levels. It can improve preventive maintenance checks and keep the engine cooled. In addition, the mechanics respect the clean engine and are more likely to clean themselves.

8th Temporary removal of small door joints and pins. The cost of keeping the doors' ding free is really reasonable and the process of removing Paintless Dent is not invasive. It is impossible for a daily driver to finally get a door, but the good news is that they can send messages and restore them to their original position. No paint or coagulation is required and the vehicle retains its original paint

. Deep cleaning Details. For every 1.5 to 2 years, the vehicle will receive full details. Most people wait until the vehicle is so bad that something needs to be done. For a potted plant this is the equivalent of waiting until the leaves brown before it gets wet

. Getting a similar new vehicle after 10 years requires precautionary or preventive care. The detailed schedule of one-year appointments helps to keep the vehicle. The painting work does not remind you of needing waxing. So do not wait until you notice the car before you do it. Finally, the mechanical part of the machine is equally important. We recommend that you observe the mechanical maintenance of the schedule.

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