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Month: March 2018

HTC Legend – beauty, performance and mobile perfection

If you're looking for a touch-screen mobile phone that exemplifies beauty, performance, and mobile perfection, you'll find these features in HTC Legend. Taking a look at the mobile touchscreen phone, it will never look like another mobile phone. Beautiful display With a 3.2-inch capacitive AMOLED display, you can only get rich and vibrant colors. We

HTC Legend – The most beautiful Android smartphone

Hi there, today we are one of the most beautiful HTC Android devices, sometimes the most beautiful Android smartphone. HTC Legend is so enjoyable to look at it, but touch it because it's completely made of an aluminum block. The solution has favored the aesthetic design, but the construction quality: robust, solid, with a chassis

HTC Legend is about to join T-Mobile soon

T-Mobile, just two weeks after the launch of HTC Legend and Vodafone, only serves to build a mobile phone network. One of the finest touch-sensitive hands in the segment, HTC Legend once again launched its market, this time with T-Mobile. After Vodafone and Orange, T-Mobile must have network operator 3 to pick up this handset.

HTC Legend on T-Mobile

HTC Legend is the latest HTC phone that displays the new Android 2.1 operating system and joins a minor alternative to the recently released HTC Desire. Originally released, Orange and Vodafone deal after the late show, followed a few days later by an O2 launch, the HTC Legend continues with a free SIM card and

T-Mobile gets the HTC Legend

HTC Legend is experiencing a very fast network appearance with the latest operator to pick up this latest Android phone for T-Mobile, which was originally launched at Vodafone a few weeks ago by Orange, the latest release means that even more tariffs have to be chosen for consumers. The new HTC Legend's son introduced a