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Do you think Lightsaber is useless in Diablo 2? Think again – this is one of the most competitive

Lightsabre is a unique blade of indestructible blade. Its outstanding feature is an incredibly fast weapon, without even having an IAS bonus with other means. It has various modes that make it a versatile weapon.

1H Damage: (87-103) – (117-135)

Minimum Force: 25

Minimum Skill: 136

Durability: Indestructible

Level Requirement: 58

% Increased Damage (Changes)

10-30 Damages

60-120 Magical Damage

Adds 1 to 200 Lighters

5 -7% Mana Stolen per Hit

5% Incidentally to the Stage Level 14-20 Chain Attack (Changes)

20% Increase Attack Speed ​​

Ignores Target Defenses

+7 Up to Light Beam

+ 150 -200% Increased Damage (Changes)

Causes 10-30 Damages

120 Magical Damage

1-200 Lightning Damage

For a single-handed individual sword, Lightsabre causes damage. Magic and Lightning also cause. Although there are creatures that are immune to the damage of Lightning, there is only one creature in the game that is immune to the Magic Damage. The incredible fast speed Lightsabre, like the brothers Azurewrath's sword, allows a very viable weapon selection.

5-7% Mana stole per hit (varies)

Good melee characters who use skills that allow many Mana

5% probability 14-20 chain flame attack (change)

chain lightning Ability tree. It produces a lightning strike that passes through the enemy of the wizard, jumps from one goal to another until it is extinguished. [20] Burning level 20 can result in 1-281 points of lightning and can hit nine targets [19659002] With such a fast weaponry, Lightsabre will chain the chain drive a few times as much as just 5% of the module.

20% higher attack speed

The light source is a quick weapon, but this 20% IAS hangs on the cake. You need to install some additional elements on your character that will issue the IAS and you will see that Lightsabri breaks the maximum IAS breakpoint without any errors.

Ignoring the Goal Defense

is now successfully reaching your goals with each attempt, but it's sure that you will successfully collide with your enemies much easier.

This ability does not work for champions, singles, bosses, and players.

Lightning 25% Absorption

The light source is an incredible lightning strike absorbed. If you have max or near max lightning resistance, and there is also the absorption of Lightning, not only will you reduce the damage caused by most lightning strikes, but you will even cure a small amount of hit points

+7 for the beam

it's a huge boost to the beam, but it's close to useless melee or smooth characters and is best suited for Amazons. :

The light source can not be the weapon that causes most damage to the game (these are usually weapons as Runewords) but this is a very viable endgame option. Crazy Barbarians find a good discipline for Lightsabre, which is used, of course, thanks to its fast speed

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