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Fashion freak? Top 4 Fashion Apps Trending in 2018

Over time, the fashion perspective changes. Once, what was the "cool" trend, it is probably no trend now! Today, ranging from clothes to the right accessories, handbags to shoes – everything you can buy online. Developments in the application development area greatly contribute to making it possible. If you are a fashion clerk and love

What should I do to get the most out of my Google Play store?

If you are technically savvy, you will love installing and removing all applications. The Google Play store is one of the best features that can be accessed on your phone because it provides access to your favorite apps and much more. Since some Android devices are not coming to the Play Store, you need to

Free Android Games Round Up

Owners of Android compatible phones, such as HTC Magic and T-Mobile G1, are pleased to find that there are great free games that are just waiting to be downloaded from Android Market. Here are some attempts – and some to avoid it! Mahjongg – A fairly loyal release of the Japanese couple game. Unfortunately, the

Top Five Free Funny Android Games

The game is absolutely necessary for your Android phone, right? Using the game is a good way to help you kill time and entertain yourself. While there are so many game applications on the market, you may wonder what to download. Let this article help you. More games to have fun and fun to spend

Some interesting features of the Google Play Game Service

Google has launched a number of services for Android users. Google Play Games is one of the services that an Android user can use in order to save the game's development and compete with friends on Google+ social media. Since the beginning of the platform, it has developed into a sophisticated system and enables users

Top addictive and redirecting games for Android devices

Mobile games storm the storm in the world. There is a long list of paid games, but the number of free games is so long, if not longer. Many different games are available for mobile users. The Android game takes many forms. Some are short enough to complete the morning commute. Other games await players

Top 5 Android Tablet Racing Games

Indeed, you saw the development of the game. Family Computers were the most popular models decades ago, while portable game consoles, such as PlayStation and Xbox, were not included in the picture. Recently, tablet PCs are popular worldwide as hardcore gamers offer tremendous comfort. Use your tablet to play rare games. In the huge Android

10 tips to make the most of Microsoft Word and Excel

Microsoft Office is probably the most popular product range for productivity applications, business, personal and educational environments. Free online Excel training and Microsoft Word training opportunities are available for software users to increase efficiency and performance, regardless of their business. Individuals seeking to raise the level of competence should seek Microsoft training to learn the

Top 5 Casino Android Tablet Games

Fortunately, you can enjoy fun online games, even with people you can virtually meet. Casino games are not necessarily the favorites of any child, but if you get your voice, you will really appreciate the brightness. In the Android Market, you can choose from a variety of casino games and you have the best 5

Why do I need to play Android games on your computer?

Android has been one of the leading mobile operating systems in the world for years. It has managed to remain relevant because it has constantly expanded the horizon to bring even more wonderful features. Among the many amazing features of the android platform, you can play cool games on many Android devices. Most of these