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HTC Legend – a premium Android smartphone

In March 2010, HTC Legend, one of the manufacturer's most respected smartphones, was released. Much more than a phone, this attractive device is a great browser, MP3 player and digital camera.

HTC Legend's dimensions are reliably compact in size and only 126 grams lightweight. The appearance of the phone is striking and stylish. Thanks to its brushed metal surface made of "metal aluminum" it means that the casing is made of a single piece of metal to give a luxurious look.

The screen is the most important feature of HTC Legend. Measuring 3.2 inches uses AMOLED capacitive touch-screen technology. So, it's not only exciting interactive way to navigate the user interface of HTC Sense, but it also lets you see pictures and videos in surprising quality thanks to 320 x 480 pixel resolution. In the menus, alternative modes of navigation are the one-thumb optical trackpad, similar to the Blackberry models.

HTC Legend's highest level of technology makes it possible for many different features to appeal to mobile phone users. Dedicated applications with direct access to Google, including Search, GMail, and GMaps. A versatile internal media player ensures fans are entertained for hours. It supports many music and video file formats. Additional fun features include a stereo FM radio player and a variety of games.

Both GPRS and EDGE version 10 provide HTC Legend the primary way to connect to mobile networks and the Internet in areas where there is no 3G or 3G. Thanks to the HSDPA connection in 3G covered areas, the Internet can be reached at speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. This also works at a 2 Mbps HSUPA connection. In places where there is a wireless Internet router, HTC Legend uses Wi-Fi technology for faster Internet access. Tasks such as backing up data from media files and contacts, Bluetooth and micro USB connections can be connected to other compatible hardware devices.

In addition to stunning software and applications, HTC Legend impresses the hardware front. A 5 MP digital camera is provided for both budding photographers and those who just want to shoot spontaneously. There are several functions in the camera that simplify the production of high quality images. The camera can make similarly high quality recordings.

Whatever you're looking for on a smartphone, HTC Legend will definitely check all boxes. Its unique style and intense specification prove this and is therefore a popular phone.

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