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Squelch Some Cell Phone Myth

Mobile phones are dangerous. All the news of myths surrounding cell phones will not only believe it, but also bury their cell phones in the back yard, just to be safe.

Before you get the spade, consider these few facts. When using a mobile phone, pumping the gas can not cause sparks that will blow up the gas tanks. It's a myth. Although static electricity can produce enough spark to cause the gas to ignite, it simply does not come from a cell phone. Do not hesitate to chat until you fill in.

It was said that driving while using a mobile phone is just as dangerous as influencing alcohol. Several tests have been carried out to prove this. Anyone who encountered a disturbing mobile phone driver knows that this is true. Most people do not think they actually are talking to them. The reaction time on the mobile phone drastically decreases and the attention has to be ignored. If you need to talk while in the car, take the time to pull your way (make sure you do not drop the call).

People were killed in hospitals because of cell phone calls. This is not true. When technology first came to mainstream, many hospitals and clinics responded to the ban on mobile phones. Slowly these prohibitions have begun. When using mobile phones in the hospital, it does not affect medical devices but may affect communication (if the same service calls are diverted). To be safe, always follow the rules and rules created by each hospice.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. A quick review of the Internet and the myth of sliding reveals the page of mobile phone myths and legends. Before you react, always do a little research. Until you know for sure that it's real or just a myth, play it safely.

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