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Top 3 iPhone and iPad applications for guitar players

For those who say that the iPhone or iPad does not deserve everything that I can only say that people simply do not use the device well. The fact that these technological innovations make it much easier for people to join some of the great applications that become available every day.

In this article I would like to introduce three fantastic applications for the iPad and iPhone that I feel all guitarists need to meet.

Amplitube and iRig

This is an amazing application and tool that has become available in the last few months. In a nutshell, this application replaces the need for a modeling amplifier or set-top box, such as the Line 6 Pod, which can offer a variety of amplifiers, stomp boxes and cabinets on the device.

The iRig device connects to the iPhone / iPad headset / output connector and secures a 1/4 "connector for inserting the guitar patch cable and a through connector that can connect the headset to a stereo mini cable to connect to external speakers or a


This is a great application for novice guitars who are learning online from the internet and considering it and are great on the reference tool, although I do not think this app can replace the private lessons, or more detailed DVD and online lesson videos, this is a great tool for playing guitarist's reference

Another great reference and learning tool for all players in all skill levels level Everyone wants to know the scale pattern looks awesome y What exactly would it be if you looked at form 4 of the pentatonic scale? Maybe you try to figure out a chord that you do not recognize in a Tabon. Guitar Referense is the right tool for work. It puts all the knowledge you ever need on chords, scales, instruments, triads, and fingertips. This is mandatory for all guitarists.

While these are the most important applications, I feel that most guitars have tons of more that I have not mentioned here. Although I do not think these mobile devices are a viable way to learn guitar, they quickly replace chord charts and books.

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