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HTC Brand New Desire Model Sports is a beautiful 3.7-inch AMOLED screen

HTC's brand-new Desire model features a beautiful 3.7-inch AMOLED screen, super-powerful processor and a great web browser that provides compatibility. HTC has produced this wonderful kit to compete with Apples Mobile Supremacy, its slim, sleek design to look at the parts and the Android platform is the next best thing for Apple's iOS. Desire has HTC Sense overlay and uses the application-based interface that supports messaging, media, and entertainment.

HTC has given Super Desire a super slim and super smooth design; it is incredibly comfortable to handle, and the thin line chassis provides ultimate speed. The titanium 3.7-inch screen has a capacitive technology that allows multi-touch control, zooming in and out by twisting and spreading motion, and slipping and scrolling is a fast, consistent process. Legend (also manufactured by HTC) has a somewhat more futuristic design with a full alloy finish, but HTC has decided to be a little more conservative in making Desire. The phone is standard with a 3.5 mm AV socket, and most cards can be up to 32GB, HTC has a built-in microUSB connection for smooth PC synchronization.

The latest HTC Sense interface works like a pretty painting task at the top of the Android 2.1 operating system and the pair makes Desire extremely smooth. It has seven home screens for operation, and you can get a full overview of the screen capture. One such accused screen is the FriendStream service; collecting information from online accounts, such as Flickr Twitter and Facebook, so finding your friends on a daily basis has never been easier since it can save you more than one app. The People Widget and the Favorite Friend feature are also great communication features; the People widget allows you to create groups from contacts and communicate directly with them via messages, emails, and of course a simple phone call. The Favorite Friend widget updates the contact information from the phone book and from Facebook.

With regard to messaging, the HTC Desire is well equipped; the on-screen formatting format is intuitive and offers many opportunities for friendly contact. The integrated built-in accelerometer allows you to use the landscape where the on-screen QWERTY keyboard provides a sensible print experience. Desire provides extensive support for simple services, such as SMS and MMS, and enhanced Exchange mail and personal emails. The handset allows different email accounts to be managed by Hotmail and Gmail compatible with other popular providers. HTC was supported by popular providers, including WindowsLive and Google Chat.

HTC Desire has a very powerful browser; the web pages are beautifully visible on the huge 3.7-inch WVGA screen and the controls for scrolling and zooming in the web are very responsive and easy to use, and thanks to their flash compatibility, their online activity is unlimited. Desire has 3G and Wi-Fi connections; the pair provides excellent high-speed connectivity, and the 1GHz processor has missile missiles over tomorrow. With this great tool you can enjoy the benefits of the 5 megapixel camera and FM radio, the music player is great for organizing melodies and the video player can play anything. Thanks to the Android phone software on your phone, you have many Google apps; Google Maps helps you navigate with built-in A-GPS and smart HTC Footprints. YouTube is another Google add-on that allows you to view and upload video content.

HTC Desire has an intuitive user interface, popular operating system, and fantastic online support, messaging has received a lot of attention and support for media and entertainment is quite profitable, popularity of the phone in the business community and among people who sometimes like to resist grain and want to avoid getting the iPhone, HTC Desire will surely perform well enough to compete and Android Market will provide you with new and exciting new applications and themes. HTC found the format with the latest releases of Legend, Desire and HD Mini.

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