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The truth about religion and the meaning of life

Most people believe that despite some similarities, all religions are fundamentally different from all other religions and their religion is correct. This is understandable. A quick understanding of the various beliefs will certainly make the appearance of immense diversity and there would be little sense to hold religious beliefs without believing it is true.

Nevertheless, I turn it to my head. On the contrary, I claim that, despite the differences, each religion is basically the same! In addition, I also suggest that the existing differences – far from justifying reasoning, bigotism and hatred – are a marvelous proof of the miraculousness of human imagination. And similar resemblance to the many faiths in the world is even more wonderful.

But the most controversial thing I'm going to say is that there are very few "true" religions in the literal sense of "really done" or "that's how it should be if I want to go to heaven. " On the contrary, stories and messages of different religions – sometimes, but not always, at least loosely based on historical characters and events – have been formulated in a decisive, purposeful and figurative manner to create allegorical and symbolic instructions for anyone who wants to start "in this life , and to reach the sacred mystic state of Godhead with God.

The only real difference between them is that they have been assembled at different times and places for different tastes of cultures: the ancient Hebrews received their legends happily from their ancestors, the Greeks loved to hear the tale of gods and goddesses and the heroes, Christians loved the story of Jesus, life, Muslims enjoyed stories of Muhammad's trials, battles, revelations, and successes, these stories are wonderful

And basically the same: a religion can call its story: The Fall of Egypt for the Freedom of Promise, "or call it" the return of Persphon to Olympus from Hades ". "The mission of the Holy Grail," or "Muhammad's journey to the seven heavens" or "The elite mysteries" or "The journey of Christ from baptism to resurrection" or any other countless number. But the meaning of the story is always the same: if we deeply consider the story and accurately decipher the symbols, it tells us what to do to further develop this illusory material existence and awaken the truth of spiritual enlightenment.

So it is understandable that people insist on the specialness and individuality of their own religion. Each is unique, unique and wonderful. But that does not justify people who believe in other faiths. Each faith is the cause of admiration and happiness.

Is Jesus God? Allah is God? The Lord God? What is God? Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Pagan, Jaenist, Indian … We are all brothers and sisters, we are in the same ship, we are on the same path.

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