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Jesus in Wales

The following days were so fierce and exciting as any day when Jesus could remember. The never-ending migration of people grew day by day. Taliesin (Tales of Hanes Taliesin who tells the story of the Merovingians to Melchizedek.) And others were scattered about the most interesting young man he knew, but there he was studying his own great teachers and doctrines. People could feel the presence when they were in the company. Sometimes you say a little, listen, but you can ask the most sensitive questions and occasionally hear two sentences when someone else's questions have been attacked that have been totally different. His passion was immediately felt when his eyes were illuminated, and some of those who had spent a lot of time walking around with Mary and his dad ever had the feeling that the legends about him were nothing more than anything else. But he was hungry to spend a lot of time in the healing arts of Ogham and Beth-Luis-Nion Diancecht.

"I just wanted you to feel a sense of the power of my business and commerce, which supports it from mining and other tools that are all over the world, stones like the great number of jade and hairy," remarked Joseph, while they were driving a car to Penwith, where they started talking to the Ding Dong Mining Miner.

"But there is no great motivation for me in the money, Joseph, I seek knowledge and the Avalon Island has peoples like Diancecht and the Taliesin, which will serve Mary and me some really enjoyable pleasures. "Coelbren (Kolbrin)

" It is important to know what forces are against you, do not you? "Joseph smiled.

" Yes, you are right. "Jesus he replied, "and I will deal with miners, as I used to do in the church with money changers."

"Is this okay with you, Father?" She asked Mary anxiously.

"I'm never standing by our young lord."

Like most mines, this was a real hell hole and a dangerous place, even if the residential area was better than most, and there were no slaves. It was one of the places where there were many slaves who were from Africa and from all kinds of places; and Jesus was frightened after a short tour. Joseph introduced Jesus to the mass of most miners who are terribly in the amphitheater.

"I'm tired of your pain" brothers. I feel and worried in every way that people are earning money on the back of another life, but that does not change the terrible horror, because I'm forced to fight power and greed against fraternity and egalitarian or free thinking of all life of earthly life – I really tell you – that the least of the world's worst ailments have declined, but I and all the other people have fallen as well as suffer the karmic withdrawal of their acts. "" Of course, he says, but we see who you sleep with, "cried a rough misanthrope before the audience." Mary is my stone master and she is your master's daughter, a good man, but he can not change the world alone. Thank you. "Jesus drove away from the raised platform and went to the man, brought him to Joseph and asked Joseph

" There is a place for this man you write about because of your long and hard life that you and others Did you buy it? "

" He'll be a forest inspector and live in a house not far from here. I know all deserves more, but I'm cautious that the forces are beyond my control and you do not have to do everything that will make your life much better he does, like other miners, I know this stuff as much as possible, and I hope that during my long absence, all the crimes that have occurred during the course of teaching will be treated. "

During the night, he saw that most of the executives sent packs or worked as deep miners. Many of the miners asked who he would think would be the best substitute for the managers. The atmosphere of hope best served Jesus, Mary and Joseph They spent a night lurking around a bonfire and entertaining their "siblings" who were more open and willing to entertain them than the night.The next day, when they set off on Avalon Island near Glastonbury, the non-working shifters met along the way The man who would have been guardian entered the horses' path and did not move, waiting for Jesus or Joseph to come out of the car and go to him, and Jesus and Joseph both came and Jesus opened his arms. he cried and said.

"He has a son who is another mine which was run by another Phoenician company.

"This is happening." Joseph spoke and the crowd began to think again, touching Jesus or shaking hands with many miners before returning to the car.

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