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"Menu De La Dia" – Spanish restaurants and meals in the budget

If you're wondering where you live, you can risk it, especially if you do not know the local restaurants. Here in Spain and especially in the countryside, food is generally "rustic" in content and style.

Unlike the United Kingdom and other countries, here in Spain, lunch is the most important meal of the day. This may be a bit confusing for the visitor when they walk to a restaurant in the early evening hours with empty tables only. This restaurant is not good, is it closed and we want to go through our uncomfortable experiences to order our somewhat poor Spaniards?

The answer is that it is coming at 22:00 in the evening trade starts and as the warmer weather begins, it is normal for dinners to go at midnight to eat, kids are towing!

When we bought our current home six years ago, it was a real estate that needed modernization. We managed to renovate the basics, so the builders came after various quotations. The project's saga takes another day!

The house drifted properly and we lived in the two floors upstairs while the chaos was sitting down. One of the most important things was the kitchen, it was not a big loss as there was an old electrical socket out of which I had two extension cables connected with a refrigerator, freezer and all electrical goods!

There was a freezer stove and oven that ran on bottled gas and was moved locally to an outside covered area. It's very similar to the army, I set as many vessels as I could and with this real real spirit, picked up the challenge of outdoor catering.

I come from a woman where defeat is not a solution, only solutions, and I was happy to wrestle with rustic cooking; but my satisfaction soon disappeared. During our life in Spain, we still ate what happened in the UK. So every night I made our food and now that we've got an obstacle on the upper level of food!

Thanks to the solid tiled floor, any work that installs new plumbing and electrical equipment requires all the floor to be drilled and so it was. Carefully navigated a row of planks, I could deliver the food trays up to the accommodation where we enjoyed the meal. Not the problem you are saying is a cake, yeah, except if there is no electrical apparatus under which the average was not light.

We're talking about November, and I was pushing the cross-section of the boards with my flashlight, but on this strange night I missed my leg. My husband's tray went up in the air and the food with it! I gathered myself, picked up my tray and took it in, did not say anything. After calculating that he had finished eating, I followed the delicious meals of my cheesecake today and abolished the events.

The next day we decided it was enough and maybe we should eat it. On the beach, we went to Aguilas for lunch, looked at different places, and restaurants outside the "Menu de la Dia" restaurants were observed.

The original concept gave the worker who could not go home, a healthy lunch, and the restaurants would be full of workers, truck drivers, and all those who needed the afternoon.

We loved the menu at a restaurant called "Orient", it was not anything but peaceful, but it was full of people having lunch. It is always a good sign when locals drink there, no matter which country you are in.

We sat down and asked for the word "Menu de la Dia" and introduced a wonderful selection to choose from. The average price is 8 euros, there is a 4-course meal, including bread, a selection of wine, water or beer. mixed salad pie, pasta and cold meat products, "Perchuga" chicken breast fillet, "Lomo de cerdo" pork filet, finely sliced ​​and cooked, "Chuletas" pork or lamb, and not one but two or four depending on the meat. The local fish locations are on the morning that they arrive at the port in the morning and finish the "post" pudding!

In the coming months, we went to the different cities and restaurants of the "Menu de la Dia", almost food critics, and accordingly sorted them. Not only was our stomach good, but also helped our bank balance.

Another thing we did was to see the benefits when we consume our main course during the day; just a light snack in the evening. In fact, we felt better and started to lose weight, but more importantly, we really know the Spanish food and completely changed our diet.

Nowadays I cook in my modern kitchen and enjoy a very healthy lifestyle that has completely resigned from the meat and dances on a rich salad series a day, followed by a wonderful variety of fish purchased locally.

We still dine for lunch and for all visitors who love the mood to enjoy a real Spanish experience. So the next time in Spain, when you want to know where to eat, follow the locals and try the "Menu de la Dia".

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