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Nokia and Microsoft partnership

So today, Nokia announced that Nokia is working with Microsoft to create software, hardware, and innovation in one place – although Nokia has caused consumer confusion and the news is less than an hour. Consumers seem to think that is completely wrong as we see the Symbian operating system being assembled – but it will not … The possibilities of partnership are endless – let's read our opinion.

Symbian will now be a franchise platform, while MeeGo will be an open source project, like the ever-popular Android operating system. This means that they are now playing more competition on the site as an open source operating system legend. Windows Phone, as an operating system, will believe that it will become a huge power plant as it develops, develops and creates new innovations.

Nokia has said that partnership will mean that Windows Phone will be its main targeting platform, although they did not say or at least not want to link the Symbian operating system to any future device. Symbian is a strong consumer brand, as we've already mentioned, it still has the biggest market share among mobile phone operating systems, these are just words that are all for us all.

As Nokia and Microsoft work as partners, this creates great and unlimited capabilities for the desktop – Star software, innovative hardware and bags are all in a central hub and in what we consider to be the decade's largest technology solution.

Nokia has announced the creation of a new 13-member executive, some new faces and the immediate departure of Alberto Torres who is responsible for the Nokia MeeGo project.

The new partnership can give the mobile phone market a reality-known competition. Like Apple's and iPhone's, iOS's and Android's ever-changing and ever-growing software bases, the market will soon be a two-way competition; but this may upset and give a new chance to the competitive market.

Imagine a phone that is the best hardware on the market – software that has been developed and designed in marketplaces across all marketplaces – the mobile phone market and the PC market – to a part of innovation and excellence. Both are innovative if you can create such amazing tools and software alone, imagine what they can do together.


With Nokia's mobile phone market and Microsoft's innovative new products and methods, Nokia's chuckling of future Nokia / Microsoft hardware hardware can be surprising. The key players in technology, hardware, software, innovation and brand – why is this a bad thing for consumers? Well, we do not think so. Imagine Nokia N8 Hardware with a New Software Approach


Keep in mind that the software on the upcoming partner network does not always have a single operating system, namely Windows Phone 7. The two companies are likely to develop new operating systems that generously generate both ingenuity and innovation. Nokia may transfer Ovi software to WP, such as Ovi Store, Ovi Maps, and what-not. Microsoft Bing and Xbox 360 branded operating systems and software can be built. The pair together with two companies that have very clear and solid strategies and can lead to mobile products that are truly innovative and new on the market as we know it. We all know that Nokia and Windows market leaders in retrospective areas – Nokia with mobile phones and Windows computers, adding them up, and there is great potential for something special to develop.

So is it a good step for both companies? In the short term, many consumers do not believe this, but with time and innovation, we believe that the two can become a great asset in the mobile phones world: in the end, someone has to stop Android and Apple with their market dominance. Only time will tell if this is true.

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