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Paige Satin Wing This Ball

Never Looked Back

In History – June 8 – Things Happen. I'm sorry I'm so insecure. However, for baseball fans, June 8th is a day when you should remember Leroy Robert "Satchel" Paige. The big jug was killed on June 8, 1982 in Kansas City, Missouri. She was 75 years old.

Larry Tye has released a new book about "Life and Time of American and American Legends" in commemoration of "looping life and sporting life". In addition, Erik Ofgang reports on The News-Times that a new movie "Pitching Man: Satchel Paige Defying Time" was released. These two new lights celebrating this memorable memoir of this unique man, who was believed to have won more than 2000 games during his career with extensive American Negro Leagues, Mexican Baseball, Barnstorming and Major League Baseball (42, then 59). At the time when the African-American players' entrances were closed in the big leagues, Satchel Paige was the face of the Negro leagues. His presence was like a regular cash advance for gate betting, and when he moved from team to team, they were all of a magnitude loan.

"I never hurried, see, they can not start the game without me."

As MB Roberts wrote, Satchel Paige has thrown more space for more fans in more places around the world than anyone else. These places were thrown with strange control, and with a puzzling gesture that, with simple dewing, four seams and cut fastballs (as well as a big slow ball) look like 10,000 different tracks the next. I'm sure the mountain mood of Bugs Bunny was not based on Satchel Paige's magic (Dizzy Dean throws it in and probably gets it): Leroy "Satchel" Paige allegedly got her nickname when she worked as a luggage ribbon in her hometown, Mobile, Alabama. His ability to carry more bags simultaneously prompted his colleagues to call crowded youth a "bag". But like a tree, its roots go deep in the history of baseball. The Negro Leagues made financially viable during the Great Depression and helped them to continue their prosperity through Brooklyn Dodgers. Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in 1947.

In the game, beyond the talent and physical lifetime of legendary pitching, Satchel Paige is perhaps best known as charisma and charm. Collected bids continue to please you. "Do not look back, maybe you can get it" is perhaps the most popular sentence, but it's just one of the six "masterminds" that appeared on your business card. Others include: "Avoid fried meat that is poisoned by blood" and "if your stomach challenges yourself, lie down and calm down with cool thoughts." In terms of age, Satchel had the most educated advice he said, "Life is over the substance," he said. – If you do not mind, it does not matter.

Not Just Public Stunt

Bill Veeck, owner of the Cleveland Indians, signed the 42-year-old Paige card in 1948 in 1948. The media had a day off, as Paige was lightly the oldest "novice" in Major League history. Sporting News has said that color Veeck was a "wasting baseball". But Veeck's response said, "If Satch was white, of course, he would have been 25 years earlier in colleges and the question would not have been in front of the house."

For his part, Paige replied to criticism in a delicious season. 6-1 and a 2.48 ERA. During this time, the Indians won the flag of the American League with one game. The fans have sliced ​​every minute of the everlasting surprise. More than 200,000 people have been involved in their first three games, including a Cleveland record for 78,382 for a game. But their packaging was not new to Paige. During his long career – most of the long-standing baseball games before television – Satchel Paige was estimated to be 10 million or more in weight. This includes fans in the United States, the Caribbean, and Central America: the book The Legends of The New York Times.

"I've seen Satisfaction …"

The fans of baseball stories have heard the archetypal legends about great pitching. Whether it's true or not. The game's mythology and magic are really enjoyable. Yet interestingly, many of these legends include Paige Satellites. For example, he was accustomed to regularly calling on his campers to sit behind the trunk while stretching out the side. He also promises to do things like the first nine battles in the game. The appearance of the recent "hesitation" seemed like the ball literally stopped in the air, the laws of physics and the driving force crazy.

These were the repertoires of Satchel Paige and some of them. In addition, in the side bets, Satchel throws the ball over and over again from a small book or hundreds of yards in the table. As he goes to a white semi-pro team in North Dakota, he is accused of launching 29 games in a month, an incredible amount of baseball thrower. There seemed to be nothing that one could not do with his baseball in his hand.

His documented result in the field is also exceptional. His 1924 debt from semipro Mobile Tigers to Pittsburgh Crawfords and Kansas City Monarchs legendary rounds, Paige's team won the flag (six in 1939-48). Crawfords in 1933, the magesman made 31 decisions out of 31, including 21 straight victories and 62 consecutive blows. How did you follow that season? Although there is no concrete evidence, Paige himself claimed that in 1934 he scored 105 out of 104 games and knocked out 21 bouts of nine games.

With a Gunfire

In a memorable season, Satchel Paige stood by a Dominican Republic team organized by a demonic Rafael Trujillo. Reports about whether Trujillo plays the American stars in his championship, but usually leads to the kidnapping of large amounts of money. In a league series, income is supposed to be a political choice. Because of the importance of the demonstrations, armed guards played on one side of the diamond. After Paige and his American men won the series, they escorted them from the country under armed guards. What if I was lost? Paige was no doubt grateful that he did not discover this business.

1965th On September 25, Satchel became the oldest player in the Supreme Leagues at age 59. Before the game, the perfect showman was sitting in a rocking chair in the bullpen. As a result, a nurse rubbed her arms. Then he started the three hidden innings for Kansas City A against the Boston Red Sox. Only the future Hall of Fame remained, Carl Yastrzemski managed to hit the old Satchel Tree.

Breaking his playing days, Paige barnstormed as a player almost constantly in the 60s. In 1969, he appeared as a Atlanta Braves coach in Major League uniform, and two years later Paige Satchel became the first Negro League to be elected to New York's Cooperstown Baseball Hall of Fame.

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