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Romantic 19th century hotels

Few Victorian hotels have preserved their romance and beauty while enjoying a respectable admiration such as the California Del Coronado Hotel, the Michigan Mackinac Island Grand and the Georgian Jekyll Island Club Hotel, all of them are relatively similar, all of them unique.

Located on the western outskirts of San Diego Bay, Del Coronado is a landmark of Coronado Island, whose charming grounds cover over 30 acres of beautiful oceanfront properties. And early this month, he is looking for a giant golden ribbon around the red tower of the 125th anniversary of his hotel

The Victorian era castle was built in 1888. When it was built, Del Coronado was the largest building in America outside of New York City to light electrically. Thomas Edison himself arrived to take over his filament lamp.

Called locals, "The Del", the hotel has a rich history that embraces presidents, princes and Hollywood legends. L. Frank Baum, author of "The Del"'s home while writing "The Wizard of Oz", based on plans by Emerald City.

Del Coronado Hotel is often used as a background for film and television productions. Although the film was shot on Michigan's Mackinac Island, many read the book: "Del" inspired the classic romantic film " Sometimes in Time" Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour


The Mackinac Island brand is the "summer resort of America", but the Mackinac Island, built in 1887, "Grand Hotel". If Del Coronado is a Victorian mansion, the Grand Hotel is a Victorian era palace. Built in just four months, it has been tamed for more than 125 years.

The 385-room Grand stands on the world's longest veranda. The 660 feet long, the porch extends the length of the building and serves cocktails before the summer dinner on the porch. Truly this hotel is great in every respect. Even the place, the Mackinac Island, stretches over and offers great views.

When arriving at Mackinac Island, ferries arrive by ferry at different times and places. Because motorized vehicles are banned, rider wagons are waiting for passengers when they get out. The horse peg defeats. Like Del Coronado, the Grand Hotel has been attended by presidents and world-famous entertainers.

The hotel received a cinematic fame when the 1980 film "Somewhere in Time" was shot at a scene. Although in the movie, Christopher Reeve came behind a wheel of a sporty car, this Hollywood script.

Unlike the Mackinac Islands, the Jekyll Island is allowed to drive, but the island is abundant with untouched natural wonders, including Spanish moss.

While in 1888, [1] The Jekyll Island was first developed at the end of the 1800s by the United States of America and the United States, the highest millionaires who seek for the winter break for themselves.With the Second World War, the island was closed for security reasons by the federal government.The postwar descendants of the first millionaire families no longer had any interest in returning

In recent times, has come to its former elegance, which is lead glass windows and fanciful woodworkers. Neither the palace nor the castle, this beautiful tower, is famous here. The Victorian appeal dominates the Jekyll Island Hotel Club's public spaces, where only the highest wealth in America remains.

Do not let any of the 19th century hotels give the impression that it is outdated. The pace of the past combines and meets all the amenities of the present to make any of these hotels memorable, whether you stay for a night or simply for meals, with exceptional accommodations. Romantic minded, one of these hotels is like a fairy tale.

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