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Star invasion mobile game review

Thirty years ago, Space Invaders debuted in the arcade, and since then, no game was more popular. Space Invaders was the best thing that hit the gaming industry, and as the time became obsolete, it disappeared in the archive and forgot the new generation of players.

Now the legend is again in the form of Star Invasion. The game must have new face management. The most unbelievable graphics and sound. It is the same addictive gameplay as its predecessor. The story is the same. Outside the world, foreigners send ships to kill humankind. He plays a pilot who protects the earth against the cruel villains who seem to be hell bent on killing the human race.

After the wave of alien shipwrecks, you have to wipe the waves when they approach the ground and become stronger as you progress. You can get a shield to protect it against your lasers and get even stronger weapons to your boat. Do not be wrong, this is Space Invaders again, but with a new makeup. This time, you can target enemy ships with tactical radar instead of shooting blindly as they approach.

Enemy ships have new colors, look more attractive, and different colors allow different threats to be identified. If you've shot the blue boat, the explosion that is going to destroy all enemy ships horizontally. Take the green boat and the same happens vertically on each boat on this line. New additions, such as the appearance of Star Invasion and a new game.

The game is fresh and exciting and I never think it first appeared 30 years ago. Irrespective of time, shooting enemy boats gives the same enthusiasm and entertainment 30 years ago to the players.

It seems we're conditioned if we ever get in touch with strangers, we'll be hostile and fight against them. If we are friendly, then the human race will be very disappointed if the fight is missing. It's a miracle that he is ruthless and murderous.

Star Invasion is not necessarily new, and despite an old space shooter, modern gamers have every reason to love playing when they are loaded on their mobile phones. The game can be downloaded for free, just download the Star Invasion download and it will be good.

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