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Rare PEZ Dispensers – Are you worth something?

Did you know that there are actually rare PEZ dispensers that are worth a lot of money? They produce hundreds of PEZ dispensers, including popular cartoons and movies. Consider the large number of PEZ sugar dispensers there with various variations and easily see what valuable values ​​are found to be a difficult task. If you want to know if the PEZ dispenser is worth something, here are some tips to help you figure out. Of course, you can use these tips to find rare PEZ dispensers that you should invest in. Many people are really enthusiastic collectors!

first Do you have a foot? One way to tell if there is a rare PEZ dispenser to see if there is a "leg". Are there any parts on the bottom of the dispenser that help you stand up? If not, they are probably made before 1987. Such older, older dispensers are worth more

. Packaging (if any) plays a role in how valuable it is. MOMC is the mint mint mint. This is most valuable because it has the card and is in no way scratched, bent or damaged. The next valuable MOC, which refers to the card. This means it is cardboard and is coated with a plastic blister. Then the MIB, which means Like the Bag. MIB means your PEZ

is dispensing in a cellophane bag. The least valuable thing is that it is not packaged at all.

3rd Older people are usually more valuable. Check the patent number on the PEZ dispenser. There will be many songs, but only with the first two. For example, 2,604,331 was reduced to only 2,6. There are 5 different "groups" that may fall under: [2,6] 2.6 – If this group falls in 1952

• 3.4 – If it belongs to this group, it will start from 1968

• 3.9 – If it falls into this group, it starts from 1976

• 4.9 – If you fall into this group, from 1990

Of course, if you are serious about finding the most valuable you can invest a quote. They are very helpful because it can be a challenge when it turns out that the dispenser is worth a lot of money. Dispensers have different versions. For example, a Batman dispenser could sell for more than $ 175 … but not just any Batman. It must be adequate. The one who sells it has a gray base and a soft head. This is one of those who have no leg like we talked about before. So, if the Batman PEZ dispenser feet, black base and head, and MOC – you only get a few bucks. PEZ Dispenser Guides help to make all of them easy.

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